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Tax is the one word many dislike to hear. All we ever hear about or think of is how to evade tax or how we can be exempted from paying tax, we don’t hear much on tax relief. Tax relief is however, is good news unlike the latter big words. Tax relief involves the reduction of the amount of tax to be paid by a company or an individual. There are a variety of tax relief solutions which can either be used singularly or together with other solutions. Below are some tax relief solutions that might ease your tax paying.

One smart solution is to pay agreements in part. With this one, taxpayers who are qualified are allowed to make monthly tax payments of a minimum figure. This solution does not require much of the taxpayer and is very easy to use, even with its ease not so many people use it.

Another good solution is that of making the pay agreements in a streamlined way. This is also another easy way to settle. It is not hard to get this solution because all you need to do is make an agreement with the governing body on how you will pay your taxes. This solution allows you to pay the tax slowly with the interest increasing but when you are done paying, it is over.

Amending your tax returns is yet another way to settle your taxes. One of the highly advocated things to start with when using this option is to hire a skilled tax attorney. Allow him to go through the documents and the exemptions in your past returns. This will bring down your tax liability by ensuring you have claimed all the appropriate deductions.

Another way to solve your tax issues would be to declare bankruptcy. Resulting in your tax obligations being completely obliterated. As long as the income tax was reported at least three years before bankruptcy was filed on returns, then most often than not the income tax will be erased.

There is a misunderstood solution where one can claim some form of hardship. If indeed you are undergoing some form of hardship, then you will not owe tax if you claim using the hardship, probably not all but at least some amount will be reduced.

One can obtain a penalty abatement. If there is a legitimate reason for late tax payments such as grievous bodily injury, an error in tax calculation or unavoidable delay, the whole tax amount or part of it may be overlooked or even completely erased. Being able to present a profound case is where the solution lays in the eyes of the tax collection agency.

The above mentioned are ways to acquire that much needed tax relief. They have been checked and tested and have worked for many though there may be more.

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